100km Bike Gear Test – Lithgow to Newnes

I just did a 2 day 100km ride from Lithgow to Newnes (and back again) via the Glow Worm Tunnel. I was treated to a 3 hour thunderstorm last night at Newnes, which caused all sorts of flooding and I had to change my day 2 route because of swollen rivers and washed out tracks. With 1500m gain over the 2 days (half of which was in a 3km stretch coming out of Wolgan Valley) it was definitely one of the most exhausting things I have done.

This trip was a really good test to see if my body and my gear was ready for the 4-5 days I will be riding at the beginning of the Summit To Sea expedition. The body seemed to pass (just) and the gear did really well.

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