Day 6 – Biggara to Bringabrong Bridge

From: Biggara
To: Bringenbrong Bridge
Distance: 26km
Distance to Go: 2419km

The paddle has begun! Much more enjoyable than riding a bike. Today I paddled from Biggara down to Bringenbrong Bridge near Khancoban. It was a chilly 6 degrees but very enjoyable to be on the water.

Bringenbrong Bridge is the normal launching point for people paddling the full Murray River because it is the best spot to start with longer, loaded sea kayaks. However, for today I used my shorter white-water kayak and was able to go 30km further up stream and paddle down the narrower, faster and shallower stretch of the river.

I haven’t really paddled my white-water boat for about 15 years and I quickly realised that I was using a totally different set of muscles from when I paddle my sea kayak. Sea kayaking is all about maintaining a rhythm and maintaining a glide, whereas the white water boat is all about short bursts of power and just keeping the damn thing straight.

There were a lot of trees to negotiate (only had to walk around one) and even a few grade 1-2 rapids. I definitely would not want to be in my 5.8m kevlar sea kayak for that section of water.

Tomorrow is a day of packing and food shopping and then on Sunday I begin the big paddle from Bringenbrong Bridge.

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