Video Ep 11 – Finally Back on The Murray – Mildura to Renmark

Here is the video of the seventh paddle leg of the Summit to Sea journey down the Murray River from Mildura to Renmark.

Day 48 – 13km – Mildura to Merbein Common
Day 49 – 36km – Merbein Common to Wentworth
Day 50 – 38km – Wentworth to Remote
Day 51 – 43km – Remote to Ned’s Corner
Day 52 – 46km – Ned’s Corner to Lock 7
Day 53 – 49km – Lock 7 to SA/NSW Border
Day 54 – 43km – SA/NSW Border to Wilkinsons Cutting
Day 55 – 35km – Wilkinsons Cutting to Renmark

Total Distance for the leg: 303km

2 Comments on “Video Ep 11 – Finally Back on The Murray – Mildura to Renmark”

  1. Love the video!! Couple questions: –
    How do you get in/out of the kayak? In particular, what shoes are you wearing because, presumably, you can’t paddle the kayak up onto land so, when you get in/out, you will be stepping in water/mud.
    At one of your campsites in this video, you paddled through eucalyptus trees that were under water. Is that because the floods….or are the trees often under water at certain times of the year??
    Thanks for giving us an insight into your journey!!! Cheers – Elizabeth

    • Most of the campsites I choose are based greatly on easy access to get in and out of the kayak. You basically just pull up next to edge of the river and step out (with a bit of balance). Occasionally if it is too shallow to get right to the bank you can just step in the water (after testing it is solid with your paddle). I wear Crocs, so they can get wet and dry quickly.

      The water level is high because they are letting a lot of water down the river. The 10 or so weirs (where the locks are) control the flow and the river height. So that campsite would have normally had a beach that those trees were on, but at the moment the river is pretty much at the maximum height. So it is not flooded, just high.

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