Video Ep 7 : Barooga to Echuca

The third paddle leg of the Summit to Sea journey down the Murray River from Barooga to Echuca.

  • Day 20 – 39km – Barooga to 1904 Beach
  • Day 21 – 35km – 1904 Beach to Woperana
  • Day 22 – 45km – Woperana to Honeymoon Bay
  • Day 23 – 45km – Honeymoon Bay to Picnic Point
  • Day 24 – 50km – Picnic Point to Bama (Murray Valley National Park)
  • Day 25 – 25km – Bama to Echuca/Moama

7 Comments on “Video Ep 7 : Barooga to Echuca”

  1. Truly Amazing. Love what you are doing. Don’t know where you find the time. But how do you record what your doing from above e.t.c whilst you are doing things?

  2. Fabulous. By my calculations you’ve travelled approx 900 clicks. You’re past the 1/3 mark. Interesting to see how the river is changing. The paddle steamers. Lovely footage of the river on the -4c morning. Crikey, that looked cold. Fingers crossed the lockdown situation eases for you and “Plan C” doesn’t get put into action. Enjoy the down time with your family.

  3. Absolutely loving watching your journey. I haven’t seen all the videos yet…so if you haven’t already…can you walk us through what you wear? Are you in a wetsuit? All day?? What do you have on your feet? Looked like socks….but they would get wet getting in/out of the kayak.
    And what do you think about while you are paddling, paddling, paddling??
    Now I’m going back to the other videos!

      • Enjoyed the 7th video! Keep them coming! Following on from Elizabeth’s question about what you wear on your feet, I was thinking the same thing. As far as logistics, do you rinse out the wetshoes every night? How do you keep your feet dry and in good shape? I know you’re in a kayak of course and they’ll get wet and muddy but… Also, because I love doing laundry, when do you clean your clothes?
        Looking forward to your next video…

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